Airly Return Chute

The Airly Return Chute is a long gently sloping slot that provides a route through the Mt Airly cliff line just north of Airly Gap. It is the shortest route from Mt Airly to Airly Gap.

At the lower end of the slot there is a crawl through a dark rock pile before finishing with a short drop into the deep gully.

The route starts at the eastern cliffs immediately above Rock Bottom and ends at the scree slope below the cliffs.

It is just over 500m back to Airly Gap fro mthe top of the scree slope. Care is needed on the slope.

Exploring the Gap Creek Pagodas
Mt Airly - The Southern Ridgeline, under the Great Wall and on to Airly Gap

Glen Alice 8931-4N

236 333 - 237 332

960 - 890 metres

Airly Connector Slot

Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area (NSW)

Mt Airly



Last Updated: 15-07-2019