Snake Orchid (Cymbidium suave)

The Snake Orchid is a hardy, epyphitic orchid which grows in clumps in hollow branches and between the branches of Eucalyptus trees.

The root system of the Snake Orchid is extensive, extending through the rotting wood of the host.

The small, yellow-green flowers are produced on racemes extending from between the bottom leaves.

Unlike other Cymbidiums the Snake Orchid doesn't have pseudobulbs.

The Snake Orchid can be found growing in coastal and mountain forests in QLD to around the south-coast of NSW.

The flowers are quite small and are easy to miss, particularly if the Snake Orchid is high up in a tree.

Kingdom: Plantae
Family: Orchidaceae
Genus: Cymbidium
Species: suave
Last Updated: 26-12-2018