Rock Felt Fern (Pyrrosia rupestris)

The Rock Felt Fern grows in sheltered eucalypt forest, on trees and rocks.

It has 2 type of fronds, small round ones that are sterile and longer, narrow fertile fronds. Seri are irregularly spaced on the underside of the fertile fronds beside the midrib.

The Rock Felt Fern is found along the east coast of Australia & in New Guinea. In the Blue Mountains I've seen it growing on a wide range of rocks, boulders & cliff faces.

The Rock Felt Fern is drought tolerant. A covering of reddish star shaped hairs reduce water loss & the fronds rapidly absorb water after rain or misty conditions.

Kingdom: Plantae
Family: Polypodiaceae
Genus: Pyrrosia
Species: rupestris
Last Updated: 26-12-2018