Dwarf Flannel Flower (Actinotus gibbonsii)

The Dwarf Flannel Flower is a small annual plant with stems up to 30cm long spreading across the ground. The stems and the flowers are covered with fine hairs. A small ball of pink to almost red flowers are backed by a distinct star shaped bract.

The Dwarf Flannel Flower is grows across a large area north from Bombala up into Qld and out to the slopes and plains in the west. It grows in sandy soils in eucalypt forests and heaths.

The Dwarf Flannel Flower is so small and inconspicuous that it isn't often seen. I have only seen it once, growing in large numbers in granite sands in one small section of open woodland on the Boyd Plateau in the Kanangra-Boyd National Park.

Kingdom: Plantae
Family: Apiaceae
Genus: Actinotus
Species: gibbonsii

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Last Updated: 04-05-2021