Dog Orchid (Cestichis reflexa)

The Dog Orchid is a small lithophytic orchid which forms large clumps on moist rock. Its flower spikes may be up to 30 cm each with up to 30 yellowish green flowers.

Found from the Hastings river in the north to Batemans Bay up to about 900 metres elevation inland in the mountains. It grows on rock faces, ledges, boulders and cliffs in moist rainforest gorges and gullies

Also called Tom Cats or the Onion Orchid. This orchid was recently reclassified. It's previous name was Liparis reflexa. The flowers of the Dog Orchid have an unpleasant acrid odour a bit like a wet dog or perhaps a tomcat.

Kingdom: Plantae
Family: Orchidaceae
Genus: Cestichis
Species: reflexa
Last Updated: 26-12-2018